The Aerowing

First Appearance

The First Face-Off (Part 1)


The Mighty Ducks


Attack Transport

The Aerowing is one of the Duck's main means of transportation.

Vehicle OverviewEdit

The last airship left from Puckworld's military fleet, the Aerowing is a jet plane that is also capable of interspace flight. The ship has a nose shaped like a hockey mask, and three main exits through front, side, and bottom hatches. There is a seat and seatbelt for each team member, and console panels mainly for navigation and weapons control. The Aerowing also has room to store other vehicles in the cargo bay, including several gliders.

Technology & WeaponsEdit

The Aerowing is equipped with a constant link to Drake 1, and emergency medical supplies. Weaponry ranges from dual laser cannons to missle launchers. It has a hangar in The Pond beneath the ice rink, and the roof of the building opens to allow the Aerowing to launch.