Duke L'Orange

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The First Face-Off (Part 1)




Humanoid Duck


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The Mighty Ducks Team
Brotherhood of the Blade (formerly)




Nosedive Flashblade


Jeff Bennett

Duke L'Orange is a notorious jewel thief on Puckworld.

Character BiographyEdit

Duke is a sexy, former notorious jewel thief on Puckworld and leader of a gang of thieves known as the Brotherhood of the Blade. He gave up crime after he saw how Dragaunus and his people were taking over Puckworld. Duke has used a Puck Blaster in some episodes, but he mainly uses a golden sword called a Ducksaber (or sometimes just a 'saber'). He also carries lock picks and a grappling hook attached to his wrist.

Duke has a Brooklyn accent and is pretty level-headed, albeit egotistical at times. He also has a eye patch. He was the leader of a gang called The Brotherhood of the Blade. He remains the most experienced of all the Ducks and possesses a good balance of skill with confidence. Unfortunately, there are some minor trust issues with Mallory due to Duke being an ex-thief, though this fact doesn't seem to faze their leader Wildwing.

The trust issues between Duke and Mallory came to a head in "To Catch A Duck" when the Saurians start stealing the largest gemstones in the world and Duke convinces both sides that he had aligned himself with Falcone.

Duke wears an eye patch over his right eye due to a sword accident. He also has a chip in his beak which is probably from a fight he got into.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • A Traitor Among Us: "You know. I'm beginning to find that lady... somewhat less attractive."
  • MicroDucks: "Hey I found him. Most of him anyway. Guy seems to have lost his head. heh heh."
  • Duck Hard: "Why’re you pointing that thing at me! I thought he was gonna eat the worms!"
  • Bringing Down Baby: "It's amazing what you can do with a tooth pick."; "How did that cute little fuzz bomb get out of our headquarters?"
  • To Catch A Duck: "Still can't tell glass from the real thing, eh, Falcone?"


  • In preliminary sketches, Duke's name was also spelled Duques.
  • Duke's original character design was like that of a modern Robin Hood, which would have included a British accent in his voice.
  • Duke's jersey number is 13, he typically plays right wing.
  • Huge female fan base.
  • His character is similar to Brooklyn from the Gargoyles (TV Series). Both have similar personalities, voiced by Jeff Bennett, and both have a Brooklyn accent while one is named Brooklyn.
  • Often romantically paired with Mallory McMallard by fans.