Power Play





Air Date

September 28, 1996


"Bringing Down Baby"


"Beaks Vs. B.R.A.W.N"

"Power Play" is the thirteenth episode of the series.


A hockey goon by the name of Stanley Strazinski has a grudge against the Ducks. Stanley's bad attitude reminds Grin of himself before he met his mentor Tai Quack Do, then Dragaunus teleports Stanley to the Raptor. The pair agree on a deal, Dragaunus will give Stanley the power he needs to slaughter the ducks. Dragaunus pulls out his DNA Accelerator and transforms Stanley into a monster while also creating an electricity-based monster.

When Stanley comes looking for the ducks he destroys everything in his path, and harms anyone who gets in his way. Grin, not wanting to harm Stanley recalls his master's lessons and keeps trying to talk Stanley down. When Stanley is nearly killed by a fall, Grin saves him. Confused Stanley asks the duck why he did so. Grin explains that helping others is his way, and that cooperation, not mindless violence is the nature of the sport of hockey.

Stanley has a change of heart, thinking he'd turned himself into a monster for the wrong reasons. He goes to confront Dragaunus, who is still tending to his electricity-monster. When Stanley attacks Dragaunus unleashes the beast. Together the ducks and Stanley manage to destroy the creature, Stanley is returned to normal in the process but decides never to play hockey again. Later the ducks learn Stanley did retire, to become a referee.


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  • Grin's flashbacks of his training with Master Tai Quack Do closely resemble the training sequences with the character Mr. Myogi in "The Karate Kid".

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